How many parking spaces will be available?

Avalon offers 48 suites with 94 exclusive parking spaces. This will provide ample parking for all of our professionals and their clients.

How will the air conditioning/heating be handled?

Our suites have been divided into nine sections with each section having its own temperature control. The thermostat for interior suites is separate from exterior suites in each area of the building. This will prevent issues when the sun shines in on one side of the building or the winter wind blows from one direction, etc. We recognize how important good air conditioning/heating is to your business.

Will there be adequate hot water?

Hot water is supplied to each suite from two large commercial grade hot water heaters and is delivered to each suite from a circulating loop. This loop continuously pumps hot water throughout the entire piping system to ensure near instantaneous hot water at each and every suite.

Can suites be decorated with curtains, area rugs and wall pictures?

Yes! We want this to be your personal space where you enjoy working with your clients. We will only ask that the decorating doesn’t detour the overall image of the suites. The walls will be wood framed to easily accommodate artwork.

Will there be adequate room to move around near the washbowl?

The layout of the suites has been modified to provide ample space on each side of the washbowl. We greatly appreciate all the input we have received from stylists to help us make this change.

Avalon Suites—Salon & Spa is right in the middle of Omaha’s best shopping—where you and your clients are already buying clothes, shoes, jewelry, home supplies and groceries.

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